Death Grip affects iPhone 4, BlackBerry, & Nexus, Causing High Radiation

In this video Tawkon introduces their new app, which monitors radiation levels emitted by cell phones.
They show that the iPhone 4 isn’t the only smartphone with reduced signal if held improperly.
As an Apple fan I’m glad to see an independent third party dispel the iPhone 4 “Antennagate” nonsense.
But it’s not all smiles, this is also alarming evidence of the dangerous levels of invisible radiation produced by cell phones, which can lead to BRAIN CANCER.
This is really what people should be talking about.

I’ve known about this risk for some time and try to limit my exposure to cell phone radiation by:
1) Keeping the phone near me, but not on my body
2) Using speakerphone as much as possible
3) Using a wired headset or bluetooth earpiece

If your phone shows weak signal strength, that means it’s working harder and putting out more radiation. It’s better to hang up and wait until you have full signal strength to talk.
There also is some debate regarding the negative effects of ElectroMagnetic Frequency exposure with earbuds and bluetooth devices, but it is better than holding a cell phone up to your head. There is also a product out there called the BlueTube headset which is promoted as a wired earbud that reduces EMF exposure. It works, but I cannot recommend it. I’ve owned two of them and they are very poor quality.

Which means Speakerphone, annoying as it may be to the person on the other end, is still the single best way to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation.



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