Fluoride is Poison

In 1945 local water treatment facilities began to add sodium fluoride to our water supply.

Ever wondered why?  Well you’re about to find out!

The first thing you should know is that the fluoride they put in our water is not a pharmaceutical grade additive.

Sodium Fluoride is an industrial waste byproduct from aluminum manufacturing.

As aluminum production increased in the first half of the twentieth century, it became necessary to find somewhere to put the fluoride.  Manufacturers could no longer get away with dumping it into rivers or landfills, because it was poisoning crops and making livestock sick. Francis Frary, chief scientist for ALCOA,  had an idea.  He commissioned Gerald Cox at the Mellon Institute, to conduct research regarding the benefits of adding fluoride to the water supply.  The Mellon Institute was frequently hired by big business to produce research that supported their industries, and for several decades they produced “research” showing that asbestos was safe and did not cause cancer.  Nice.
They also produced reports assuring everyone that fluoride was not toxic and would be beneficial to add to our drinking water for healthy teeth.

Another proponent of the safety of fluoride at that time was scientist Harold Hodge, who was later revealed to to have been part of the the Human Radiation Experiment; injecting test subjects with plutonium and uranium in 1945-46.  This was documented by pulitzer prize winning reporter Eileen Welsonne in The Plutonium Files.  Hodge was also chief toxicologist of The Manhattan Project and fluoride was a key component in the production of the atom bomb.  His studies were conducted with a bias toward proving fluoride safe, which would protect the government and industry from lawsuits.

The “research science” done to support water fluoridation was underwritten by these massive companies:

Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA)
Aluminum Company of Canada

American Petroleum Institute
Kaiser Aluminum
Reynolds Steel
US Steel
National Institute of Dental Research

Convincing the general public that we need to add fluoride to our water supply was one of the most sophisticated cons of all time.  It created a multi-billion dollar industry and enabled manufacturers to sell this worthless toxic byproduct of aluminum to local municipalities for a profit.

PR master Edward Bernays also known as “The Father of Spin” created the PR campaign to sell fluoride to the nation as an additive “recommended by your doctor and dentist for healthy teeth”.  He was a pioneer of modern propaganda and used the theories of mass psychology and persuasion to suit the needs of corporate and political organizations.

Bernays even created marketing campaigns for tobacco companies using the doctor and dentist endorsement, like the one on the right.

He wrote a book called Propaganda and one called Public Relations
and he was also Sigmund Freud’s nephew.

In 1950 the public health service endorsed water fluoridation and almost immediately there was a national movement against it led by Dr. George Walbott, who was also the first physician to warn against fatal allergic reactions to penicillin, and that smoking causes emphysema.

Walbott discovered that low dose fluoride was causing allergic reactions in some of his patients who displayed a variety of symptoms such as headaches, back pain, gastric problems, muscle fatigue, etc.

He conducted a series of double blind tests further proving his fluoride allergy theory and published several papers about it.

Walbott was criticized and marginalized for his research and for speaking out against fluoride, tobacco, and penicillin in the interest of the public health.  Which is why you’ve never heard of him.

Fluoride given to rats has been proven to cause bone cancer, liver cancer, and a host of other physical ailments.

Dr. William Marcus, Senior Science Advisor to the EPA Office of Water, was fired because of his outspoken opposition to water fluoridation in the early 1990’s.  He even claimed that they rigged their test results to show that fluoride did not cause cancer when in fact it did.

Researcher Dr. Phyllis Mullenix was asked to study fluoride and was surprised to find and prove that fluoride is a neurotoxin and causes effects like hyper activity, memory problems, and IQ problems similar to ADD/ADHD in laboratory rats.  After submitting her findings, she was promptly fired from the Forsyth Dental Research Center.  She went from being a leading neurotoxicologist at a Harvard affiliated research institute to being an industry pariah.  This assignment and her findings ruined her career as a grant-funded research scientist.

66% of US water supplies are currently fluoridated, but the good new is that since 1999 over 60 U.S. communities have rejected fluoridation.

Follow the money:

Fluoride is still defended today for two reasons:  the massive profit produced by selling it to local municipalities, and the massive liability and lawsuits that would follow an admission that it is in fact toxic and harmful.

The Fluoride Deception is a book based on ten years of research by BBC reporter Christopher Bryson into the history of and dangers of water fluoridation and is some of the source material for this post.  His research is so in-depth and well documented, it is virtually irrefutable.

There is also a ton of information and independent research from all over the world at www.FluorideAlert.org

Despite all the evidence, proponents of water fluoridation are still calling scientific research that shows fluoride to be toxic “conspiracy theories”, but the proof is in the pudding:

98% of Western Europe has now rejected Water Fluoridation…

and their children’s teeth are just as healthy as children’s teeth in the US.

Since 1997 the FDA requires all fluoride toothpaste sold in the U.S. carry a poison warning label:
“WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”  This is because a tube of toothpaste contains enough fluoride to kill a small child, and most young children swallow their toothpaste.  But even if you don’t swallow your toothpaste, unhealthy levels of fluoride are still absorbed sublingually through the capillaries under your tongue and go directly into your bloodstream.

Here’s some simple stuff we did and you can too:

Buy a water distiller that removes fluoride, chlorine, lead, bacteria and other toxins from your tap water; giving you pure, clean H2O.  Pitcher and faucet mounted filters do not remove fluoride, neither do fridge water filters.
Also bottled water companies are not required to disclose what type of filtration they use, if any.
We’ve used the
Waterwise Countertop Distiller for years and love it!

Wanna see the some of the crud the Waterwise has removed from our drinking water?
Scroll up and take a look at that picture at the top of this page again.  No, it’s not a planet.
That is a picture I took of the inside of the stainless steel boiler in my distiller, just before I cleaned it.  Hello!

Waterwise even makes a Shower Filter.

We also stopped buying toothpaste that contains fluoride.  Healthy teeth come from a healthy diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables.  We buy Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free Toothpaste. They even make kid flavors like “Silly Strawberry”.
Big stores like Target and Walmart carry Tom’s of Maine products, but usually don’t have the fluoride free toothpaste.  You can find it online and at select health food, grocery, and vitamin stores.


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10 Responses to “Fluoride is Poison”
  1. Melissa Jaynes says:

    I stopped the fluoride toothpaste and got my distiller a little over a week ago. My diabetic husband says today that his blood-sugar levels have been so much better these past few days. I joking said I bet it is from me taking away the fluoride. Of course then I go and look it up and sure enough it was!! Fluoride is horrible for diabetics!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hi Chris, a few months ago I switched from the standard Crest/Colgate toothpastes to Trader Joe’s All Natural Anticavity Peppermint Toothpaste. I made the switch because it doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial sweeteners and colors, and it’s affordable, unlike Tom’s of Maine. After reading your article, I’m now pondering switching to something without fluoride; however, since I was a child, I have always been prone to multiple cavities. As someone with no medical insurance, it makes me nervous to stop using something that I’ve been told my whole life would prevent cavities. It’s a shame people can’t just trust the “experts” and our government to put human lives above profits.

    • Hi Jennifer thanks for writing!
      It is disheartening when you discover that most “health information” is written with big business interests in mind.
      Cavities come from diet. In his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dentist Weston Price researched tribes all over the world
      and his research showed that people who grow their own food have straight healthy teeth and people who eat processed food have crooked teeth and cavities.
      Fluoride had nothing to do with it. Crazy right?
      If it makes you feel better, I haven’t used fluoride toothpaste in nearly 7 years and no cavities.
      My dentist raved about my teeth just a few weeks ago.

  3. Jenn says:

    Amazing and awful :p Knew it was bad but didn’t know it was that bad. I’m assuming the water in Memphis is fluoridated? They put all kinds of stuff in it. Sometimes there’s so much chlorine in it you can smell it when you run the water. Makes me wonder what they are having to “clean” out of the water, either that or who wasn’t paying attention and added too much? Chris do you know if there are any efforts here currently to get the issue on the ballot? It’s easy for me to get really discouraged on all these issues because you can’t make people care, and it seems easier to just buy a filter. Love that you’re blogging about this. It makes it so much easier to get the information to more and more people. You should consider writing a letter to the Flyer and Commercial Appeal. :)

  4. MissAngee says:

    PS. I didn’t know fluoridated water was bad for you! The city I live in just added fluoride to the water system. OMG!

  5. MissAngee says:

    Chris what do you think about filtered water? I don’t like the bottled kind anymore. Since I have been on chemo, my taste buds have differed big time. So now I use filtered water and sanitize the bottles with a little bleach and filtered water and drink from there when I go out.

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